5ft Tall Seated Greeting Buddha #574

Happy Holidays from Trade Wind Statues!

2014 Happy Holidays Sale!

We’re Celebrating by Offering
25-60% Off our “Staff Picks” Collection!

We’re blogging to make sure all of our customers know about our Happy Holidays Sale going on right now.  We are currently offering 25-60% off  our “Staff Picks” collection, featuring many life-size and larger stone: Buddha statues, Foo Dog Guardian Lion statues, Ganesha statues, Water Fountains and more!  

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5ft Tall Seated Greeting Buddha #574

5ft Tall Seated Greeting Buddha #574

Spring Gardening with Large Stone Buddha Statues, Water Fountains and more!

Spring Gardening with Large Stone Buddha Statues, Water Fountains and more!

Spring is here and many people are getting their gardens, yards and patios ready for maximum enjoyment during the warmer months! One way to create an ideal setting is to start with a beautiful centerpiece and then continue to landscape and design around that focal point. Large stone statues, such as a garden Buddha statue or a goddess sculpture, are perfect for bringing serenity, enchantment and a certain WOW factor into your outdoor living space.

Water fountains can also add a particularly effective, yet calming, centerpiece to your landscape. Bring any backyard to life with the sound of tranquil water falling into a pool, creating a rejuvenating, tropical dream-scape!

Trade Wind Statues offers life-size and larger, hand carved stone statues that will guide your landscape design in the right direction. Visit our Staff Picks page to find the perfect statue to inspire your spring garden!

Black Friday @ TradeWindStatues.com


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BLACK FRIDAY is coming…. Skip the crazy crowds after Thanksgiving and shop Trade Wind Statues from the comfort of your home (or wherever you may be)

Amazing deals on original, hand-carved stone Buddha, Ganesha, Foo Dog and Goddess statues.

This holiday season, give a gift that will last (beyond) a lifetime!

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Read the history of Lord Ganesha, featured in the photos above.

Our New FOO DOGs are here! Here’s a little background…

Foo Dogs or guardian lions, are the sacred and ancient dogs of Asia that have traditionally guarded palaces, temples, tombs and residences. These companions of Buddha make a strong statement and have magnificent aesthetic appeal in any room, entryway, or garden space.
Foo Dogs are viewed as protectors and defenders of law, and have a rich history of legend and tradition. They are often displayed in a male/female pair, with the male holding one paw on a sphere symbolizing the Earth, while the female holds a cub. They come in many shapes, sizes, different materials, and colors. Their faces have a mischievous look about them; their eyes are normally wide open with a tiny speck in the middle. This threatening appearance is said to discourage wrong doers and demon spirits from entering and thereby bring peace and serenity to any sanctuary that they guard.
Our new Foo Dogs are in!  Visit our Trade Wind Statues store to see the our Foo Dogs and other new beautiful inventory!

Mermaid Statues as Water Fountainsl

Mermaid Fountain Statue

3ft Tall White Mermaid Statue Fountain. Pre-drilled and ready for any water feature. Brought to you by Trade Wind Statues

The mermaid has captured our collective desire for centuries. From the ancient Greeks to Christopher Columbus’ reports of mermaids in the Caribbean, there is no other mythical creature that entices humans quite as much as the siren of the sea!

Complete your water feature with a beautiful mermaid fountain!


Buddha Statue Placement Tips for Home & Garden


Serene 3ft Suar Wood Sitting Buddha Statue with Jnana (teaching) mudra

Contemplating getting a large Buddha statue for your space?  Whether it’s for your home, garden, office, spa, or yoga studio, careful placement of your sculpture using time honored Buddhist practices and feng shui principles can greatly enhance your statue’s presence, not only the physical presence, but the metaphysical as well.  We offer a few tips for best Buddha statue placement practices.

When placing a large Buddha statue in the home, consider placing the statue on a pedestal or table, roughly thirty inches from the ground and facing the front door.  The feng shui theory here is that the Buddha statue will bring good chi (“life energy” or “energy flow”) to your home by neutralizing the energy at the door.  Imagine how it feels to be greeted by a serene, peaceful Buddha statue when entering a space.  Any feelings of stress or negativity are quickly dissolved and replaced by a calm, mindful, and inspired compassion towards all. The living room is also an excellent setting for a Buddha statue.  Again, for the ideal placement, be sure the statue is about thirty inches off the ground and facing the front door or entryway.

The office, health spa, yoga studio, or community meditation room are all perfect locations for a magnificent Buddha statue.  Place the statue on a desk (i.e. in the reception area), a pedestal (i.e. at the front of a yoga studio), or raised on a rock surface in a water feature (i.e. in a health spa waiting area).  Face the Buddha towards the entryway and bring prosperity and positivity to your business!


4ft Carved Granite Stone Buddha with Dharmachakra Mudra

When placing a statue outdoors, such as a garden Buddha statue, consider avoiding putting the statue directly on the ground, as this has been viewed as disrespectful in some traditions. Be mindful of the type of energy you are trying to cultivate in your space and choose a Buddha with an appropriate Murda, posture, and countenance.  For example, the Buddha seen just above is in the Dharmachakra mudra which signifies teaching and turning the wheel of Dharma.  This type of mudra would be perfect as an inspirational piece in a yoga studio or place of spiritual practice!

The classic Dhyana or “meditation” mudra (seen below) would be an excellent choice for a community meditation area or for any space where you wish to cultivate supreme serenity, peace, and calm.

Large, heavy, hand sculpted stone Buddha statues are among some of the most popular pilgrimage sites throughout Asia, sites such as the Leshan giant Buddha in China or The Great Buddha of Thailand.  The visitor to these sites can be seen, almost dwarfed, far below the feet of an impressive, towering seated Buddha.  Buddhist tradition tells us that it is best if Buddha statues are placed so that the feet are generally higher than eye level, avoiding contact with impurities and accidental soiling.


Large 5ft Tall Solid Stone Seated Buddha Statue in Meditation with Jnana Mudra

If you’re really looking to make an impression with your outdoor space, try placing a 4-foot to 5-foot tall seated stone Buddha statue atop a mound or pedestal.  This can add to the overall height of your statue placement, bringing the ultimate Buddha statue placement achievement of having an awe inspiring presence, where the feet are at eye level or above!

Whether you are looking to create a monumental homage to Buddha in your garden, or you are wanting something a bit smaller for the entryway of your home or business, Trade Wind Statues has much to offer!  Check the Hot Deals section of our store to find incredible prices on large, hand carved stone sitting Buddha statues ranging from 2 feet to 5 feet tall!

Our statues are located here in the U.S. and our prices include free shipping in the lower 48 of the United States.  Visit our Trade Wind Statues gallery to learn more about mudras and statue meanings, and to shop our incredible selection of hand sculpted stone statues, where you’re sure to find just the right statue for your space!


The big deal is our SUMMER CLEARANCE SALE…. 40-50% off most of our inventory!  That’s right, 40-50% off, and all prices include shipping to the lower 48 states!

We need to make room in our warehouse so we have drastically marked down many of our beautiful, one-of-a-kind, hand carved stone statues.  Please visit our site and take a look at our Buddhas, Goddesses and more to find that perfect piece to finish off your own zen space!

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Happy Father’s Day!


Show your special guy how much you appreciate him with a gift that he will cherish forever!

The photo above is of one of our favorite statues, a hand carved, solid Green River stone, 6ft tall sitting Prajnaparamita sculpture.  We brought this incredible artifact to Colorado but now this piece, weighing over 2,500 lbs. resides with one of our favorite customers in the hills outside of Lake Tahoe, Nevada.  Contact us today to learn how we can make this Father’s Day a truly unique one, with a life-size or larger, hand sculpted treasure that is sure to brighten his every day!

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Happy June 25% Off Sale!

Summer is upon us and we’re starting off June by offering our customers 25% off all 5ft tall Statues!

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